NovaBelle Cream Star Ingredients

NovaBelle’s Ingredient Stars: Collagen, Aloe Vera, & Retinol, Oh My!

When we began developing NovaBelle Cream, we realized just how important ingredients would be. Simply put, the vast majority of people do not want to use anything that could possibly be harmful to their skin. Nobody wants to be constantly in fear of doing more harm than good by using a new product, so we kept that in mind.

The ingredient list is clear for everyone to check out if they fear any type of allergic reaction. Here is a look at some of the major ingredients and why they are included.

What is Collagen and Why We Included It?

The main structural protein found in skin is collagen. The purified form is used in many surgical treatments, but it can also be found in creams like NovaBelle

Collagen is included to help retain the skin’s dermal structure. By being able to do that, people can instantly see the reduction of fine lines on the facial area. It also just makes the skin a bit more vibrant in general, which is certainly something everyone wishes to have.

The Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another magical ingredient than can help make the skin look younger and more vibrant. The magic acid in the ingredient really helps with the overall elasticity of the skin. These prevents a person from having that sagging skin that really shows a person’s age.

Another benefit of Aloe Vera is that is a natural moisturizer. Skin always needs to be moisturized throughout the day to keep it looking healthy. Many people actually use Aloe Vera gel as a standalone product, but with it included in NovaBelle cream, it is just another positive to take away from it.

What Makes Retinol Such a Popular Skin Care Ingredient?

Finally, retinol is something that most people have seen in a lot of other skin care products. It can help with unclogging pores, boosting collagen, and speed cell turnover to improve the overall look of the skin. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why it is so popular.

The quickest way for skin to look aged if it is not treated all that well. Not using something like retinol can cause skin to be bumpy, uneven in color, and just unhealthy overall.

Retinol is considered to be the most important of the NovaBelle Cream ingredients. It can help really keep a person looking as young as possible with the daily application of the cream.

Learn More About NovaBelle and Try it Today

NovaBelle can be ordered directly online at any time. New shoppers can even take advantage of a trial through the website at A bottle runs for $97.99 after the 14-day trial. The 14-day trial will cost you $4.99, which covers the cost of shipping and handling.